Beasts OCR tries out for Spartan Ultimate Challenge

I got asked by my buddy Adam if I’d be interested in helping out with a quick audition tape. I asked when it was due and my eyes widened. But what the hell, why not? It was a team of four, trying to get on the NBC show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge. Long story short, we had about 3 hours to get as many clips as we could, run and gun style. Including interviews, which we had no idea there would be a volleyball tournament going on in the building next to us, if you couldn’t tell. Did what we could, got some clips and called it a day. I had a super busy week, but set aside a few hours on Valentines Day to try and knock it out. What you see above is what we got. The deadline was the day after V-Day and my fingers are now crossed for the next several weeks as we wait to find out if they have a shot or not. You better believe I’ll be attempting to hitch a ride down with them if it all works out!
Jan 24

Rucking With The Beasts!

Over the past six months or so I’d been trying to hook up with a local OCR crew who call themselves the Beasts Obstacle Course Racers. I’d met several of them, signed up to be part of the team at the local races and interacted a bit here and there via social media. But I wanted to shoot them. I had a particular interest in the growing endurance chapter. Endurance/rucking type stuff has grabbed me more lately than racing itself. While I love the obstacles and seeing my friends/strangers accomplish the unthinkable, I love working as a team and I kinda fell in love after my first Hurricane Heat.
Jul 26

East Main Vision Clinic Takes on the Warrior Dash!

I was asked by the Dr. at East Main Vision Clinic to join their team for a day in the mud. Dr. Day had seen my videos and thought it would be great if I joined his team to create something similar. I was up for something new and had to give it a shot. I thought the video turned out great and every single person was so glad they signed up and from what I understand, everyone who bailed is now super jealous, especially after seeing the video. If you’re team is interested in something similar, lets chat!  
Jan 01

2015 Phantom Clips

Quick handful of clips from flying in 2015. A lot of “learning” in this one, but wanted to put them up before they were forgotten.

First Time For Everything!

So I finally got talked into shooting some senior portraits! Lots of stressful evenings thinking about where to shoot, what to say, how to frame, what shots to not forget and you know what? It went super well and I kinda stressed for no reason at all. Quentin was down to earth and funny and made for a pretty easy shoot. I learned a lot and along the way, got some really great shots that his parents, LOVE! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the shoot.  
Aug 02

The Phantom has arrived…

and I couldn’t be more impressed and in utter disbelief that this technology is available.

High Rock Lookout

High Rock Lookout. Out past Elbe. Triva wanted to catch the sunrise from the lookout, which, after a two hour drive and a two’ish hour hike, means we were leaving my house at 2am, yikes. All of that worked out and we were at the trailhead by 4am and just in time to watch the lunar eclipse as we hiked in pitch black. I was on a mission…

First Post…

Attempting to get everything in order for the site before announcing much or digging into begging my friends and family to let me take their picture. I’ve been taking pictures for years now and everyone has always said, you should do this for a living. While I may not be cut out for that, yet. I do think a nice site, displaying all of the beautiful faces and places I come across in my travels, would be nice to share with y’all. So here it is, enjoy!

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