Adventuress Schooner – First time Sailor!

In a world that seems to run on “knowing someone” and having connections, it certainly came through last weekend. I worked for Visual Options for about a year, loved every second of it, great owners, great people and a ton of amazing tools (toys) I had access to. They do a ton of work with […]

Surf Slam 2018 – Pacific City, OR

For the past 6 years, we make the trek down to Pacific City, OR for a super fun jet ski event. Naaaa, not those sit down types that go 100mph. We’re talking about the “old school” type that you stand up on and these days, people do flips and rolls and get just as crazy […]

Gambler 500 – Washington

After having plans change days before the OG Gambler in Oregon this summer, I was committed to hitting the back roads of Washington with whoever would have me. I tracked down the event page for the Washington Gambler 500 and put a feeler out there for anyone who needed a co-pilot. A great guy (Russ) […]

Lonesome Lake

With Spartan Race race dropping the ball on two volunteer credits I had earned and then our backup plan being rained out, we looked at the ever-growing list of spots we’ve been wanting to visit. Lonesome Lake hasn’t been on the list very long, but figured this would be a quick and easy adventure, rain […]

Skyline Trail @ Mt. Rainier National Park

Dani and I met a couple at CrossFit who were traveling nurses. They also happened to be doing their first stay during the worst part of the year here in the NW. They left, but several of us put some pressure on them to return, partially because they’re cool people, partially because we feel like […]

NW Overland Rally 2018 – Trip Report

After years of talking about the NorthWest Overland Rally, I was finally talked into purchasing a ticket for this years rally by my buddy Anthony. We then did absolutely nothing to prepare for it until a couple of days beforehand, because that’s how we roll. I spent a couple of hours each night beforehand working […]